Lunch & Learn

'Lunch and learn' is a FREE 10 - 15 minutes talks with groups or business executives/staffs.
This is basically sharing the concept of growth with individual, groups or business at no cost. This concept introduces pathway and capacity to grow individual, team in an organization or a business into success.
Our Lunch and learn is basically in two categories:

Individual/Group Lunch and Learn is incorporated in 10 to 15 minutes of our seminars at the MGP Training center every Saturdays. This is where individual attendee gets an insight to his personal growth. Click here to Participate for free
Executives Lunch and learn is the pathway to growing bossiness through growing individual team member that makes the organization. This is majorly for businesses and companies who wish to know how the 'magical' increase in revenue and doubling the production level of work. For businesses/Companies to schedule appointment for, Click here Click here to Participate.

MGP Training Center


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