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Become A DevOps Engineer

Event Date:

September 16, 2024

Event Time:

7:00 pm

Event Location:

Kolkata wordPress Community

We’re excited to have you embark on this three-month journey as you get ready to dive deep into the world of DevOps and emerge as a skilled engineer ready to tackle the challenges of modern software development and deployment.

Through this comprehensive training, you’ll gain invaluable insights, hands-on experience, and practical skills that will set you apart in today’s tech landscape. Here’s a brief of what you can expect to gain:

Explore the core principles and practices of DevOps, gaining a solid foundation in concepts like continuous integration, continuous delivery, automation, and collaboration.

Master essential DevOps tools and technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Ansible, Git, and more, equipping you with the skills needed to streamline development workflows and accelerate deployment cycles.

Learn how to identify bottlenecks, troubleshoot issues, and optimize processes to enhance efficiency, reliability, and scalability across development and operations teams.

Cultivate a collaborative mindset and foster effective communication and teamwork between development, operations, and other stakeholders, promoting a culture of shared responsibility and continuous improvement.

Apply your newfound knowledge and skills to real-world projects and scenarios, gaining practical experience and confidence in implementing DevOps practices in diverse environments.

By the end of this training program, you’ll emerge as a certified DevOps Engineer empowered to drive innovation, streamline workflows, and deliver high-quality software solutions with speed and agility.

Outright payment: 10% discount
Installment payment: Full Payment
Minimum to start – $500
$750 installment during the training
$750 Installment after your first job

Training Duration- 3 months

Commencement date- 20th May 2024

Training Days- Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays

Time- 7pm – 9pm (EST)


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Event FAQs

Who can attend this training?

Anyone who is interested in becoming a DevOps Engineer.

How do I attend this training?

The training can be attended online (virtually).

When is the training?

The training runs from May 20th, 2024 to August 16th, 2024.

How do I make payments for the training?

There are two(2) ways to make payments. First, you can make an outright payment to enjoy a 10% discount and pay $1,800. Secondly, you can pay in instalments with a deposit of $500, with the next payment of $750 and another $750 after securing your first job.

Event Location:

Total Seats: 600 (600 Left:)
  • Kolkata wordPress Community
  • Park Street
  • Kolkata
  • West Bengal
  • 1209
  • India

Event Schedule Details

  • September 16, 2024 7:00 pm   -   December 13, 2024 9:00 pm
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