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1  Cloud Migration Services  Facilitates the transition of applications, data, and infrastructure from on-premises or legacy systems to cloud environments.  Examples: CloudEndure, AWS Server Migration Service, Azure Migrate. 
2  Data Migration Services  Involves moving data from one system or format to another, ensuring data integrity, security, and minimal downtime.  Examples: Attunity, AWS Database Migration Service, Google Cloud Transfer Service. 
3  Application Migration Services  Assists in moving applications from one platform to another, addressing compatibility, performance, and dependencies.  Examples: AppZero, RiverMeadow, Carbonite Migrate. 
4  Server Migration Services  Focuses on migrating server workloads, whether physical or virtual, to new infrastructure or cloud platforms.  Examples: CloudEndure, Movere, PlateSpin Migrate. 
5  Database Migration Services  Specialized in migrating databases across different platforms, ensuring data consistency and minimizing downtime.  Examples: AWS Database Migration Service, Azure Database Migration Service, Google Cloud Database Migration Service. 
6  Email Migration Services  Transitions email services and data from one provider to another, often during email platform upgrades or cloud migrations.  Examples: MigrationWiz, SkyKick, BitTitan. 
7  Content Migration Services  Moves digital content, documents, and files from one system or platform to another, maintaining organization and metadata.  Examples: ShareGate, Metalogix, Movebot. 
8  Application Modernization Services  Upgrades and transforms legacy applications to modern architectures, improving performance, scalability, and efficiency.  Examples: VMware Tanzu, Red Hat OpenShift, AWS App2Container. 
9  Desktop and User Profile Migration Services  Migrates user profiles, settings, and data during desktop or virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) transitions.  Examples: Ivanti, Liquidware, FSLogix. 
10  Network Migration Services  Involves transitioning network configurations, IP addresses, and network infrastructure during a migration.  Examples: Riverbed, Cisco CloudCenter, Juniper Networks. 
11  Operating System Migration Services  Upgrades or moves operating systems across servers, workstations, or virtual machines.  Examples: SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager), Zinstall, Acronis.    
12  Cloud-to-Cloud Migration Services  Handles the migration of data, applications, and services between different cloud providers.  Examples: Cloudsfer, CloudMigrator365, Cloudsfer.