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1  Vulnerability Assessment  Identifying and assessing vulnerabilities in networks, systems, and applications.  Conducting regular scans and assessments to discover potential security weaknesses.    
2  Penetration Testing (Pen Testing)  Ethical hacking to simulate cyberattacks and identify security vulnerabilities.  Assessing the effectiveness of security controls and response mechanisms.    
3  Incident Response Services  Developing and implementing incident response plans.  Assisting during and after a cybersecurity incident, including forensic analysis.    
4  Managed Security Services (MSS)  Continuous monitoring of networks and systems for security threats.  Outsourcing security functions, such as firewall management and intrusion detection, to a third-party provider.    
5  Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)  Implementing SIEM solutions to collect, analyze, and correlate log data for threat detection.  Creating real-time alerts for suspicious activities.    
6  Firewall and Network Security     Designing, implementing, and managing firewalls to control and monitor network traffic.  Configuring intrusion detection and prevention systems.    
7  Endpoint Security  Protecting individual devices (endpoints) from malware, ransomware, and other cyber threats.  Implementing antivirus solutions and endpoint detection and response (EDR) systems.    
8  Identity and Access Management (IAM)  Managing user identities and access privileges.  Implementing multi-factor authentication and single sign-on solutions.    
9  Security Awareness Training  Educating employees and users about cybersecurity best practices.  Conducting phishing simulations to improve awareness and response 
10  Data Encryption Services  Implementing encryption technologies to secure sensitive data.  Securing data both in transit and at rest.    
11  Web Application Security  Conducting security assessments for web applications.  Implementing security measures to protect against common web vulnerabilities.    
12  Mobile Security  Securing mobile devices and applications.  Implementing mobile device management (MDM) solutions.    
13  Cloud Security  Assessing and ensuring the security of cloud environments.  Configuring and managing security controls for cloud services.    
14  Security Policy Development  Developing and implementing comprehensive cybersecurity policies.  Ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards.    
15  Threat Intelligence Services  Monitoring and analyzing cyber threats and vulnerabilities.  Utilizing threat intelligence to enhance security measures.    
16  Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection  Implementing measures to protect against DDoS attacks.  Deploying DDoS mitigation solutions and services 
17  Physical Security Assessments  Evaluating physical security measures to prevent unauthorized access.  Assessing the security of data centers and critical infrastructure.    
18  Regulatory Compliance Services  Ensuring compliance with data protection and privacy regulations.  Conducting