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1  Domain Registration  Facilitating the registration of new domain names.  Managing domain renewals to ensure the continuous ownership of registered domains.    
2  DNS Management  Configuring and managing Domain Name System (DNS) records.  Handling changes to DNS settings for domain pointing and email routing.    
3  SSL Certificate Management  Providing and managing Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates for secure website connections.  Ensuring timely renewal and proper installation of SSL certificates.    
4  Web Hosting Services  Offering various hosting solutions, including shared hosting, virtual private servers (VPS), and dedicated servers.  Managing server resources, performance, and security.    
5  Email Hosting  Providing email hosting services with custom domain addresses.  Configuring email accounts and ensuring email server security.    
6  Content Delivery Network (CDN) Integration  Integrating CDN services to enhance website performance by delivering content from geographically distributed servers.  Optimizing website loading times and reducing latency.    
7  Website Backup and Recovery  :  Implementing regular website backups to prevent data loss.  Offering recovery services in the event of website or data corruption.    
8  Domain and Hosting Migration  Assisting with the transfer of domains and hosting services between providers.  Ensuring minimal downtime and a smooth transition during migration.    
9  Domain and Hosting Security Audits  Conducting security assessments to identify vulnerabilities.  Implementing security measures to protect against unauthorized access and cyber threats.    
10  Domain and Hosting Monitoring  Monitoring server performance, uptime, and resource utilization.  Implementing proactive measures to address potential issues before they impact the website.    
11  Technical Support and Troubleshooting  Providing technical support for domain and hosting-related issues.  Resolving technical problems, server errors, and website downtime.    
12  Scalability Planning  Assessing and planning for future scalability needs.  Advising on hosting solutions that can accommodate increased traffic and resource demands.    
13  Managed WordPress Hosting  Offering specialized hosting services optimized for WordPress websites.  Providing automatic updates, security features, and performance optimization for WordPress users 
14  Domain Portfolio Management  Managing a portfolio of multiple domains owned by an organization.  Organizing, renewing, and optimizing domain assets.    
15  Domain and Hosting Analytics  Providing analytics and reporting on website performance.  Analyzing server logs and user data to optimize hosting configurations.    
16  Custom DNS Solutions  Implementing custom DNS solutions for specific business requirements.  Managing advanced DNS configurations for complex IT infrastructures.    
17  Compliance and Legal Support  Ensuring compliance with domain registration regulations and policies.  Providing legal support for domain ownership disputes and issues.