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Mobile App Development

S/N  MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT SERVICES  DESCRIPTION  1  UI/UX Design  Creating user interfaces (UI) and user experiences (UX) that are intuitive and visually appealing.  Conducting user research, wireframing, and prototyping to optimize app usability.     2  Native App Development  Building mobile applications specifically for a particular platform (iOS or Android).  Leveraging platform-specific features and optimizing performance […]

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Web Development

S/N  WEB DEVELOPMENT SERVICES  DESCRIPTION  1  Website Design  Creating visually appealing and user-friendly website layouts.  Considering user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design principles.  Designing responsive websites that adapt to different screen sizes.     2  Front-End Development  Implementing the visual elements of a website.  Writing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code to create interactive and […]

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Migration Services

S/N  MIGRATION SERVICES  DESCRIPTION  1  Cloud Migration Services  Facilitates the transition of applications, data, and infrastructure from on-premises or legacy systems to cloud environments.  Examples: CloudEndure, AWS Server Migration Service, Azure Migrate.  2  Data Migration Services  Involves moving data from one system or format to another, ensuring data integrity, security, and minimal downtime.  Examples: Attunity, […]

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Email Security Services

S/N  E-MAIL SECURITY SERVICES  DESCRIPTION  1  Email Encryption  Implementing end-to-end encryption to secure the content of emails.  Protecting sensitive information from unauthorized access during transmission.     2  Anti-Phishing Solutions  Deploying technologies to detect and prevent phishing attacks.  Conducting phishing simulations and training for employees.     3  Spam Filtering     Implementing advanced spam filters to reduce […]

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Ecommerce Integration Services

S/N  ECOMMERCE INTEGRATION SERVICES  DESCRIPTION  1  Payment Gateway Integration  Integrating secure payment gateways for online transactions.  Supporting multiple payment methods, including credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and alternative payment options.     2  Shopping Cart Integration  Implementing and customizing shopping cart solutions.  Ensuring a seamless and user-friendly checkout process.     3  Inventory Management Integration  Integrating e-commerce platforms […]

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Domain and Hosting Management

S/N  DOMAIN AND HOSTING MANAGEMENT SERVICES  DESCRIPTION  1  Domain Registration  Facilitating the registration of new domain names.  Managing domain renewals to ensure the continuous ownership of registered domains.     2  DNS Management  Configuring and managing Domain Name System (DNS) records.  Handling changes to DNS settings for domain pointing and email routing.     3  SSL Certificate […]

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CyberSecurity Services

S/N  CYBERSECURITY SERVICES  DESCRIPTION  1  Vulnerability Assessment  Identifying and assessing vulnerabilities in networks, systems, and applications.  Conducting regular scans and assessments to discover potential security weaknesses.     2  Penetration Testing (Pen Testing)  Ethical hacking to simulate cyberattacks and identify security vulnerabilities.  Assessing the effectiveness of security controls and response mechanisms.     3  Incident Response Services  […]

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S/N  CONSULTANCY SERVICES  DESCRIPTION  1  IT Strategy and Planning  Developing comprehensive IT strategies aligned with business goals.  Creating roadmaps for technology implementation and evolution.     2  Digital Transformation Consulting  Assisting organizations in adopting digital technologies to optimize operations and enhance customer experiences.  Identifying and implementing digital transformation initiatives  3  Cloud Computing Consulting  Advising on cloud […]

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Cloud Voice Services

S/N  Services  Description  No of license  1  Unite Pro    Includes Cloud PBX with advanced call center, unlimited local and long distance calling, connection to up to 5 devices, Chat, File Sharing (50 GB/user), AnyMeeting (100 web participants per meeting) and Business SMS. 1 license is required for each unified communications user in the organization.  […]

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Cloud Services

S/N  CLOUD SERVICES  DESCRIPTION  1  Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)  Provides virtualized computing infrastructure over the internet.  Examples: Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines, Google Compute Engine.     2  Platform as a Service (PaaS)  Offers a platform allowing customers to develop, run, and manage applications without dealing with infrastructure complexities.  Examples: Heroku, Google App Engine, […]

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